Federal regulations and guidelines written for biological hazards and biocontainment facilities have increased - along with an adverse public perception of these facilities.  With the promulgation of the Select Biological Agents and Toxins Act, the concern for biological safety is rapidly growing.  Failure to recognize the presence of biohazardous materials and to provide protection to personnel and the environment may result in increased legal liability and expense.  In addition to management, industrial hygiene and safety personnel are being faced with the task of developing cost-effective programs for the protection of personnel who may be occupationally exposed to biological hazards.  There is an ever increasing concern on the part of regulators, as well as of the general public, to insure that biocontainment facilities meet or exceed all of the requirements of the various regulations and guidelines.

Consulting Options

Each bio-containment facility must be individually designed and constructed so that it not only contains the hazardous material, but is also easily maintained with minimum potential exposure to personnel, and has flexibility for future projects.  

Facility Design Planning and Review:  Global Biohazard Technologies will work with facilities planning personnel to identify the definitive requirements of your institution/company with regard to both research and production containment facilities during the design phase.  Global Biohazard Technologies will provide the expertise to ensure that architects and engineers accommodate unique requirements in the design and construction of the bio-containment facilities.

Construction Oversight:  Global Biohazard Technologies is committed to assisting Biocontainment Facility owners in assuring that their facilities are built in accordance with all applicable guidelines and regulations and are operated in a manner consistent with the high quality that is expected of such facilities. 

Laboratory Certification:  Global Biohazard Technologies will also work with your personnel to develop a sound, cost-effective validation/certification package which will ensure that your facility is functioning as designed to protect your personnel, your products and the environment.  In addition, all clients who have had their biocontainment facilities certified by Global Biohazard Technologies will be provided with a password to the GBT web site Clients’ Section for secure exchanges with GBT personnel  regarding biocontainment and biosafety issues  

Biosafety Support: Global Biohazard Technologies can research and provide specific reports on your biosafety concerns.  Additionally, an immediate response to specific biosafety concerns of your health and safety personnel can be provided through phone consultation,. experienced professional biosafety experts can meet with your personnel at your site to perform biosafety assessments and to develop cost-effective strategies to deal with your biosafety problems.   

Personalized Biosafety Programs  Working with facility safety personnel, Global Biohazard Technologies professional biosafety personnel will provide the direction necessary to develop the biosafety program that best fits the specific needs of the facility. 

Biohazard Awareness Training:  Training is essential in the development and implementation of any effective biosafety program.   Global Biohazard Technologies Biosafety Professionals will develop site-specific biosafety training programs in concert with the client’s safety personnel.