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Laboratory Commissioning

Containment Lab Commissioning

Commissioning is a quality process for validating and documenting that a facility and its systems are planned, designed, installed, tested and capable of being operated and maintained to perform in conformity with the design intent. Commissioning partially focuses on the engineering controls compliance, but from the overall building’s operation perspective. When having a building commissioned, the applicable Biosafety Guidelines are not generally included in the evaluation. The fundamental objectives of the commissioning process are:

a) To create a procedure to verify and provide documentation that the performance of the equipment in the facility meet the design requirements;

b) To enhance communication by documenting data and decisions throughout all phases of the project;

c) To validate and report that building equipment performance meets the design intent.

This work is generally performed by a Commissioning Agent/Engineering Firm, which is knowledgeable in building design and equipment operation and maintenance. Commissioning agents are often responsible for ensuring that the Owner’s maintenance personnel are properly trained in the operation and maintenance of the equipment that has been installed. Commissioning provides information on potential equipment deficiencies that can have an effect on a number of aspects of building operation including:

  • Occupant comfort
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental conditions
  • System and equipment function
  • Building operation and maintenance