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Laboratory Certification

Certification for Containment Labs

Global Biohazard Technologies has extensive experience certifying containment laboratories in North America and Asia. We are one of the world’s leaders of third party certification and can be your Owner’s Advocate if you are planning to build or renovate a laboratory.

Laboratory certification confirms that your facility is working to the highest standards. GBT will guide you throughout the certification process to ensure that your facility is operational when completed. Engineering and administrative controls are examined to ensure that your facility will operate within the CDC/NIH/USDA/WHO guidelines and applicable country specific regulations. Recommendations to resolve any non-compliant issues are provided. Additional onsite visits may be needed to verify remediation of deficiencies. Facility-specific training is also available for your employees to ensure that they are operating the laboratory safely.

Containment Lab Certification Process

1. The Certification Team visits your site to determine the existing facility’s potential compliance with BSL-3 or BSL-4 criteria; assess systems failure responses; assess security and assess laboratory Administrative Controls, Policies and Procedures.

2. We provide you with a Report of Findings to include recommendations for compliance.

3. We review your Safety Policies and Procedures drafts and provide comments.

4. Policies and Procedures receive a final review and the Final Report is prepared.

5. Upon compliance with all recommendations of the CDC/NIH/USDA/WHO Guidelines for the BSL-3 or BSL-4 laboratory and recommendations of the report, GBT will issue a letter of certification and compliance.